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Have you been audited yet? If you haven’t yet, you will be soon. The ATF has been increasing the number of audits. Some believe that the ATF is auditing companies more frequently to reduce the number of Federal Firearm Licenses (FFL). If you are not using FFL Software, you could easily make mistakes that could cost you your business. From 2008 to 2011, over 300 firearms dealers have had their licenses revoked. That’s more than the previous 80 years combined! The sobering fact is, if you have even minor clerical errors in your record keeping, the ATF CAN, and possibly WILL revoke your FFL. Don’t lose your FFL and everything you have worked so hard to build because of simple clerical errors that could have been avoided by using TAD Software the perfect FFL software for you.
As a firearms dealer, selling a firearm properly can be a tedious process. It’s also a process in which mistakes can be very costly. That’s why TAD Software created an all encompassing online Acquisition and Disposition (A&D) Record BoundBook FFL Software that is completely secure. The process is PII compliant and can be saved locally, which backs up the cloud-based record to your company computer in a highly encrypted format. Many forms like the 4473, Multi-Sale, Theft/Loss Report, NFA Forms, and much more are included in this application. When you utilize TAD Software it helps ensure that you are in compliance with all ATF rules and regulations to keep you from losing your FFL.

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Gun Dealers in the US that are being audited or investigated.

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Do away with stacks and stacks of forms by going digital.

Do away with stacks and stacks of forms by going digital.

We are firearms dealers and as such, understand what goes into it and selling a firearm properly can be a time consuming and sometimes difficult process and can not have any mistakes. That is why TAD Software is the perfect FFL software, and was created to be an all encompassing online Acquisition and Disposition (A&D) Record that is completely secure and also automates paperwork. The process is PII compliant and is saved locally, which stores your record on your own local system. Multiple forms like the 4473, multi sale report, theft/loss report, manufacturing reports, forms 1 through 4 for NFA and others are included in this application to streamline the process. When you utilize an FFL software like TAD, it will help insure that you are in compliance with all ATF rules and regulations and keep you safe from losing your FFL.

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The process of selling a firearm is time consuming and errors can be made. There are many forms in the process that need to be done with precision. If you only sell a couple firearms a month, paper forms might work out okay, but if you’re processing a lot of deals, or plan to in the future, then it can be extremely time consuming. TAD Software allows Firearms Dealers to streamline the process of selling a firearm. It enables dealers to sell quickly and compliantly in one place, instead of trying to integrate multiple different systems. The end goal of the FFL Software is not only to save time, but make workflow easier and more secure. TAD Software is the perfect solution to protect your FFL and make your company more efficient.

Multiple Sale Reporting Causing Issues?

Multiple Sales reporting can cause a lot of issues due to the special requirements demanded by the ATF. It can be very easy to accidentally sell multiple guns using the wrong forms if a customer purchases a firearm too close to the first purchase. TAD Software helps safeguard you against that mistake and makes it easy to process a Multiple Sale Report with little to no effort on your part.

Create Amazing Customer Experiences
Utilizing TAD Software

Business owners are always trying to make the customer experience as enjoyable as possible. When it takes 30 minutes or longer to process a gun transfer, this can be a problem. The difficult part is that there hasn’t been a faster, better way of doing it–until now. A fast and effective gun inventory software like TAD Software dramatically speeds up the process of selling a firearms in a secure, safe, compliant manner. That same firearm transfer that took over 30 minutes, can now happen through TAD Software in as little as 5 minutes.  You need a good FFL software and when you use TAD Software to create happy customers, you create long-lasting return customers. TAD Software is here to help make your life easier and grow your business.

Do You Have Multiple Stores?

Having multiple store locations is a great thing for your business, but it can also be a nightmare for reporting. Keeping all your stores in sync is extremely important, and shuffling paper work around can result in errors. TAD software is a cloud-based solution that will keep all your stores’ records harmonized, while simultaneously backing everything up.

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